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Foreign Students of UCAS Appreciate Huangmei Opera in the New Year’s Eve

On December 31st, 80 foreign students of University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (referred to as UCAS) enjoy a special New Year’s Eve by appreciating Huangmei Opera, a representative treasure of Chinese art.

The show started with a graceful and beautiful dance "Fragrance of Huangmei Opera", followed by the traditional Huangmei playlets, “A Couple’s Celebration of Lantern Festival”, “Goddess Marriage” and ”The Butterfly Lovers”. The wonderful performance impressed foreign students from more than 20 countries, and cheers were wave after wave. Russian student Anna stood up and applauded, and said happily: "Though I could not fully understand the actor's words, but through their movements, eyes, facial expressions, posture, tone and body language, I can appreciate the charm of Huangmei Opera."

Fragrance of Huangmei OperaFragrance of Huangmei Opera

A Couple’s Celebration of Lantern FestivalA Couple’s Celebration of Lantern Festival

Goddess MarriageGoddess Marriage
The Butterfly LoversThe Butterfly Lovers
Especially in the midfield, foreign students joined the interactive show on stage. The students imitated the performance of "Goddess Marriage" which pushed the whole show to a climax.

In the classical chorus links, 3 small fans with the average age of less than 7 years old played the drama "I left my home town to save my fiance Mr.Lee”. Student from Pakistan Umair Jadoon said: "Such small children can master so difficult performances, it is unbelievable, very exciting!"

I left my home town to save my fiance Mr.LeeI left my home town to save my fiance Mr.Lee
The last but not least show was from the Director of Changle Huangmei Opera Troupe “The Female Prince Consort”. The artistic performance appealed to every audience. Student from Kenya Mosoned Isidore said excitedly: "Huangmei Opera is great, this is the most beautiful sound. I hope this show is not over, I haven't heard enough."

The Female Prince ConsortThe Female Prince Consort
Opera is a treasure of Chinese art, University of science and Academy of Sciences and Institute of Microelectronics are actively bringing the opera into the campus, promoting traditional culture, and carrying forward the excellent traditional culture into the construction work of “ The Belt and Road”.

Written by: Youqing Wang
Edited by: Yang Yu

Source: UCAS News (Chinese)