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Rules & Regulations-Credibility Agreement - University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

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Rules & Regulations-Credibility Agreement


Before the Test

Plan to arrive at the test center at least 15 minutes before your specified start time. If you come late after 15 minutes , you may not be able to take the test.

You will be asked to listen a required Credibility agreement.

Identification document and writing materials are the only personal items you are allowed to have in the testing room.

Your seat will be assigned by the test administrator.

During the Test

The listening test takes about half an hours. No one is allowed to continue beyond the time limit.

If you need help for any reason, simply raise your hand.

Cell phones and other devices are not permitted during the test or during breaks.

Test takers cannot leave the testing room or the test building without permission during the test or during breaks.

Question paper and answer sheet must be returned at the end of the test.

International College is providing tests that are fair to all test takers and administered in a secure environment. We established and maintains policies and procedures designed to ensure the integrity and fairness of your testing experience.

Test Security Procedures

Checking at the Test Room

  • The name on your ID must exactly match the name you used in the test.

Taking the Test

Once the test has started:

  • You may not have access to personal items such as books, electronic devices, handbags and backpacks, which are stored separately to maintain security. See the list of unauthorized aids in the "Improper Behaviors" section below.

Improper Behavior Leading to Dismissal from Test Room

Fraudulent or unethical testing behavior will not be tolerated. If We believes that a test taker may have gained an unfair advantage by sharing or obtaining test questions, topics or answers before or during the test, or that a test was completed in whole or in part by someone or with the assistance of someone, other than the test taker, International College may exercise its right to cancel the test taker's appointment in advance, hold or cancel the test taker's scores.

International College reserves the right to dismiss you from a test room, hold and/or cancel your scores for reasons including but not limited to the following:

  • attempting to give or receive assistance; communication in any form is not permitted
  • taking the test for someone else or having someone take the test for you
  • removing or attempting to remove, reproduce or disclose by any means (for example, hard copy, orally or electronically) to any person or entity any test content, test questions, topics or answers, or scratch paper or notes relating to the test
  • obtaining improper access to the test, part of the test, or any information about the test (for example, pre-knowledge of test questions, topics or answers)
  • using or having a cell phone or other electronic device during the test
  • using of any of the following unauthorized aids:  books, pamphlets, notes, dictionaries, test prep materials, smart phones
  • leaving the testing room or test center building without permission during the test
  • engaging in any kind of disruptive or threatening behavior
  • failure to comply with test administration regulations or the test room supervisor's instructions.