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Rules & Regulations-General Introduction - University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

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Rules & Regulations-General Introduction

1. General Degree Requirements

Degree requirements for international students are the same as Chinese students. But students from institutes need to check out the requirements of your own institutes. Each institute has different requirements of credits. Please contact the Educational Administration of institutes first.

2. Courses

Courses in International College are classified as three types: three Public compulsory courses and two optional courses; nine professional courses.

These three Public compulsory courses are:

1. Elementary Chinese-Reading and Writing (2 credits);

2. Elementary Chinese-Listening and Speaking (2 credits);  

3. China Panorama (2 credits).

The optional courses:

Scientific Writing (2 credits);

Research Ethics (2 credits).

The professional courses can be classified as one of two types: Degree Courses and Non-degree Courses. A PhD student CANNOT fail any Degree Course, otherwise will drop out of the PhD program. This final decision of course classification for each student is left to the supervisor, as s/he is in the best position to assess the courses for the graduate programs. If students find the professional courses are totally not related to his/her major and will not help the research for PhD, then these courses can be seen as Non-degree Courses (Optional Courses). If the professional courses will help the research for PhD, then they should be Degree Courses (Compulsory Courses). This classification of one course will be shown on the course selection form and the final score sheet. All the students have two weeks to attend the professional classes and choose them.