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Call for Articles - University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

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Call for Articles

To present to public that UCAS teachers and students are working together on the prevention and control of the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia (NCP), UCAS official website, Weibo and Wechat are soliciting articles from all members of the university.

1. Theme of the Articles

Common persons that moved us the most in defeating NCP

2. Forms of the Articles

  ● A letter to the hero or heroine who is working closer to the front line of the battle. These people might be your family, friends, supervisors or somebody you just get to know by following different Medias. They have moved you deeply.

  ● The experience of what you see and what you do during these days. For example, the new attempt, gain or feeling in this special period; the lucky, supervised or touching moment. That might be the pity of giving up a tour, the perseverance of staying in university/institutes working on research works or the most common scene on the street but the most precious deed for now.

  ● Your effort to demonstrate scientific principles or to defeat non-scientific rumors in awayof popular science.

  ● Share the warmness and kindness that you get from your teachers, administrative staff or classmates that make you stronger and confident in face of the fear.

3. Requirements of the Articles

  ● Words, pictures, drawings, audios, videos are all acceptable; story-telling, prose, poem are all suitable.

  ● News articles (including videos) should be in line with the theme; the quotation of name, data, location, pictures must be true and correct.

  ● The picture provided should be in its original form, moderate in color and brightness, within 5M, in the file forms of JPG, GIF or PNG. Provide clear description of the picture and mark the information of the photographer.

  ● Make simple and straightforward annotation if there’s any technical term; Make comprehensive background information related with the News event.

4. Requirements of Submission

  ● Send your articles by email to ucasxmt@163.comwith the email title, “征稿+name+cellphone number” and with the email content of description of your article and with the attachment of a zipped file. The article should be in editable “Word” format.

  ● The article should be original workof an individual or a team which owns the whole copyright. Violations of intellectual property rights of others are strictly prohibited. Clearly mark the author and source of the articles in the circumstances of citation. Please list the writer’s information in the email including department, schools/institutes, major, and grade and cellphone number

5. Review and Publish

  ● Editors of UCAS Medias will review the articles and edit them according to the standard of publication.

  ● The selected articles will be published on different UCAS Medias according to the content and style. The writer of the published article will be paid at the university standard.

  ● There will be no notice to the writers of the unpublished articles.