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A letter to all foreign faculty and staff of University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS) - University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

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A letter to all foreign faculty and staff of University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS)

Dear UCAS foreign faculty and staff,

  University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS) has responded with the highest priority to the outbreak of the Novel coronavirus pneumonia (NCP). Measures are currently being taken by UCAS to prevent and control the spread of the epidemic. We are very concerned about the health of foreign faculty and staff at UCAS, and would like to express our great appreciation for your efforts and support of international affairs work at UCAS. To stop the spread of this epidemic, we bring the following matters to your attention.

  1. Spring semester 2020has been postponed

  In accordance with the Ministry of Education, UCAS announced an emergency postponement of the spring semester 2020. The official start time for classes has yet to be determined. UCAS will launch online distance course teaching beginning February 17. We will upgrade the online course platform and provide technical support for online teaching courses. 

  1. Follow official information

  Please closely follow the information published on the official website of the People’s Government of Beijing Municipality ( and UCAS ( For more information about NCP (2019-nCoV), please also call 12345. This 24-hour hotline is available in eight languages, including English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, Korean and Arabic.

  1. Take precautions

  For those who live in Beijing off-campus, we highly recommend that you stay home, avoid crowded places or public gatherings, and wear medical masks (for surgical purposes). For those who currently live in other Chinese cities or abroad, please inform us of your schedule and travel plans as soon as possible. We suggest that you do not return to Beijing unless necessary. Upon your return to Beijing, please inform your community authority if you have visited seriously infected areas or had contact with those coming (or returning) from these areas. You will be required to stay in quarantine for 14 days.

  1. Seek timely medical help

  Currently, Beijing municipal and district levels have designated 101 fever clinics and 20 hospitals dedicated to treating pneumonia (See attachment 1). If you have a fever, cough, chest tightness, fatigue, or other symptoms related to NCP (2019-nCoV), please seek prompt medical attention at fever clinics.

  1. Strengthen UCAS campus management

  As of 3 February, to prevent the spread of NCP (2019-nCoV), UCAS has closed-off its campuses. Upon returning to your apartments on UCAS campuses, please abide by the management rules, see attachment 2.

  The prevention and control of NCP (2019-nCoV) is critical. Faced with this severe epidemic, UCAS has taken on the responsibility to answer the concerns of foreign faculty and staff in a timely manner, and protect the health and safety of everyone at school. It is important to prevent and control NCP (2019-nCoV) with an objective, scientific attitude. Let’s wait for the incoming spring semester together.


Best regards,


Attachment 1.Notice on Further Strengthening UCAS Campus Management

Attachment 2. The List of 101 Secondary and Tertiary Medical Institutions with Fever Clinics and List of Designated Hospitals in Beijing for Pneumonia Caused by NCP(As of January 23, 2020)

Contact person: Mr. Wang Jingwei,

International Affairs Office,
University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
February 11, 2020






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  1. 强化校园管理

  为了保障校园安全,我校已于2月3日对各个校区进行了封闭管理,如您返校,请自觉遵守校园内的管理规定, 请见附件4





附件3 关于进一步加强人员进出校园管理的通知

附件4 北京101所发热门诊和20所新型冠状病毒感染肺炎救治医院清单