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Changing Student Status - University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

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Changing Student Status

For the following type of study status change, students have to apply to the institute/college international students affairs office and your supervisorApplicants should ask the “Application form for Study Status Changing”(学籍变动审批表) from institute/college and the staff will send the complete application documents to UCAS International Students Affairs Office.

Changing student status includes:

A: Study Suspension

Students who cannot keep on studying because of illness or other special cases can apply for study suspension. It is usually at most half a year for once and cannot be more than one year in total. All funding from UCAS will be suspended during suspension.

B: Resumption

Students have to apply for resumption 10 days before the end of study suspension.

C: Termination

Students will be terminated by the university for the following reasons: 1. Failed two Master's degree courses or failed one Master's degree courses after re-examination; 2. Failed one doctoral degree course; 3. Treated as not suitable for training during degree thesis evaluation; 4. Fail to complete study within maximum study period (4 years for master's students, 6 years for doctoral students and 5 years for master-doctoral combination students); 5. Failed to apply for resumption within required period after suspension; 6. Diagnosed as illness or accidentally disabled which cannot allow students to continue to study; 7. Absent for 10 days without asking for permission; 8. Failed to register within expected period with no reasonable issue; 9. Students voluntarily applied for termination.

D: Graduation in Advance

The application should be agreed by the degree committee.

E: Change of Discipline in same institute

Transcripts should be attached.

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