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Academic Affairs Department - University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

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Academic Affairs Department

The Academic Affairs Department provides services to UCAS students and teachers at UCAS in order to meet the needs of graduate education. Through the efforts of the Academic Affairs Department, UCAS has hosted lectures by leading researchers from prestigious universities and research institutes from around the world.

The Academic Affairs Department manages student academic records and coordinates services in the following fields: course information, student course selection, course appraisal, term examination management, transcripts, textbook publishing, educational process, supervisor record-keeping, faculty training, education archives administration and education information system administration. Every term the Academic Affairs Department provides an on-line course catalogue and inquiry service to all students and faculty.

The Academic Affairs Department uploads frequently used forms and management regulations on the website for faculty and students to download. The website provides answers to frequently asked questions for students and faculty, and the contact information on the website enables students and faculty to direct their questions.

The Academic Affairs Department strives to deliver efficient, high-quality, professional service to students and faculty.

Tel: +86-10-69671069

Fax: +86-10-69671070