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Notice on 2014 Scientific Data Conference

In the era of “big data,” data has become a new type of strategic resources and an important factor for stimulating innovation, thus changing the modes of scientific research, production and life, and making data science an emerging and promising subject. To meet this opportunity and challenge, the Chinese National Committee for the Committee on Data for Science and Technology (CODATA) decided to hold the 2014 Scientific Data Conference, which will take“Big Data for Science & Technology and Data Science” as the main theme and focus on the management, sharing and application of data for science and technology in the era of “big data.” The conference would also explore the key issues and challenges for the science and technology “big data” and the development trend of data science, aiming to facilitate the sharing and application of data for scientific research.



Topics of the Conference:

1. Management, sharing and application of scientific research data

2. Methods, tools and key technologies for analyzing and applying scientific research data

3. Policies and standards for data sharing

4. Data science and data scientists



Time: Feb. 24-25, 2014

Venue: Huairou campus, UCAS