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Development-Genetics-Disease Summit Forum

Title of Lecture: A study of structural biology on epigenetic regulation of molecular mechanism

Time: 1:30 p.m, Mar 28
Venue: B210, the Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology of CAS
SHI Yunyu

Professor of University of Science & Technology of China, Member of Chines Academy of Science. She graduated from Department of biophysics, University of Science and Technology of China, Beijing, Biophysics. Since 1970, she successively has held the posts of Assistant professor, Lecturer, Associate professor, Professor of Department of Biology(since 1998, It was changed to School of Life Science), University of Science and Technology of China. During these years, she worked abroad as a visiting scholar at Department of Chemistry of Roma University , CNRS Lab. of Structural Chemistry of Italy, Department of Chemistry of University of Groningen in Netherlands, CNRS Lab. of Structural Biology of Gif-Yvette in France as well as CNRS Lab. of Theoretical Chemistry of University of NANCY in France, respectively.

She is interested in gene regulation, especially epigenetic regulation, such as histone modifications, chromatin remodeling, and ncRNA regulation. She is also interested in cellular adhesive and migration. She focuses on studying structural basis and molecular mechanism underline the cellular differentiation and human disease especially invasion and migration of tumor cell.

She is interested in the structure, dynamics, and function of protein, RNA, and interactions between protein-protein, protein-nucleic acid, protein-ligand. She tries to understand the principle underlie the molecular recognition, and to elucidate biological implications of these interactions.