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31st Lecture in Tsinghua University: Origin of Bronze Technology Recovered from Yin Dynasty ruins

Lecturer: Su Rongyu, Research Fellow



Su Rongyu is a research fellow and doctoral supervisor at the Institute of the History for Natural Sciences, CAS. He is also a member of the Academic Committee of the Archeological Studies Center of Peking University and head of the Institute of Cultural Heritage Conservation and Management of Nanjing University of the Arts.



Brief Introduction:

In spite of its excellent techniques and perfect workmanship, the bronze culture in ancient China is filled with enigmas such as when and where were the bronze works of art. Su is going to offer a completely new perspective in analyzing the origin of the ancient bronze through a case study about a bronze ware from the Shang Dynasty.



Time: 14: 30-16: 00, April 4, 2014



Venue: Datong Lobby, Humanities and Social Sciences Library of Tsinghua University